The Seven Dating Terms That Have Come Out of the Pandemic

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You know how it sometimes feels like you have to learn a whole new language to keep up with modern dating?  Yeah, that’s so legit that now even the language education companies have gotten involved. There’s a language learning app called Babbel and one of their linguists just released a new report on the new dating terms that have come out of the pandemic.  Check ’em out . . .

1.  Zumping.  Getting dumped over Zoom.

2.  Corona-zoned.  When a physical relationship is delayed because of Covid fears, so you keep things virtual for longer than you would’ve in normal times.

3.  Lockblocking. Canceling or rescheduling a date because of new lockdown rules.

4.  On-nomi.  A Japanese term for drinking together online.

5.  FODA.  Stands for “fear of dating again,” and happens to people who haven’t been dating since the pandemic began.

6.  Quarantionship.  A relationship that started during quarantine and developed virtually.

7.  Smugsolation.  When a new couple uses social media to flaunt how they’re now spending all of their time together in person.




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