The Top Things We’ll Never Do Again After the Pandemic

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Is there anything you’ll never do again, even after the pandemic is over?  A new poll asked 2,000 people.  Here are the top 10 answers . . .

1.  Sharing ChapStick.

2.  Taking a bite of someone else’s sandwich.

3.  Trying out make-up samples at a store.

4.  Making out with strangers at a bar.

5.  Borrowing someone else’s bathing suit.

6.  Using a friend’s make-up.


7.  Standing really close to people in line.

8.  Leaving the house without hand sanitizer.

9.  Sharing bags of chips or other snacks with someone you don’t live with.

10.  Using someone else’s deodorant.

A few more that made the top 25 are going to buffet restaurants . . . holding the handrail on escalators . . . and shaking hands.




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