Northwestern silences ‘The Shrieker,’ a regular fixture at basketball games

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A Northwestern University student whose regular high-pitched wails at school basketball games earned her the nickname “The Shrieker,” retired the act this week after receiving complaints, The Chicago Tribune reported.

Emily Harriott is an NU student who regularly attends athletic contests, where she “screams out of pure joy,” as a way to rile up the team, the report said.

But some fans and television and radio partners had had enough of the shtick after Sunday’s game against Illinois and complained to school officials.


“THAT’S HER, OFFICER! THAT’S ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO RUINED MY SUNDAY,” read a tweet from The Champaign room, a page devoted to the Illinois Fighting Illini.

Heather Obering, the athletic department’s director of marketing, who regularly meets with Harriott, reportedly told her after the game on Sunday: “How about we not do (the shrieking) anymore?”

Harriot said the request caught her “a little by surprise,” but she ultimately complied. She was spotted – but not heard – on Wednesday at NU’s losing 73-63 game against Iowa. She told The Tribune she hopes her team’s loss wasn’t related to her muzzling.

Provided by Fox News

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