Pro-golfer Bubba Watson, wife reveal difficult adoption process, hope to help others

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Two-time Masters Tournament champion Bubba Watson and his wife, Angie, know how difficult the adoption process can be and they’re hoping their family’s journey can motivate others to adopt children.

The couple recently teamed up with clothing company Jockey as part of its “Show ‘Em What’s Underneath” campaign, which highlights inspiring stories. They have adopted two children — son Caleb in 2012 and daughter Dakota in 2014.

Watson, 40, said he and his wife want to do anything they can to help others considering adoption or going through the adoption process.


“It’s just about how can we help — same thing with this campaign is about helping adopted families,” Watson said. “People adopting, also what comes with it and what comes after it the adoption process and how to communicate with your child and go forward and make it a loving home as best as you know how.”

Angie Watson, 41, described the emotional ups and downs they went through to adopt a child — including being questioned about their home life.

“There were questions during the home study process that we didn’t even know would be a part of questions that go to deep into our upbringing,” she told Fox News. “Questions we didn’t even know the answer to about what type of parents we would be and how we would discipline our kids and what would be important to us.”

Bubba and Angie Watson said they hope to help others who are looking to adopt.

Bubba and Angie Watson said they hope to help others who are looking to adopt. (Jockey)

The road to adopting their first child was full of doubt and “a couple of disappointments,” too.

“We didn’t get our ‘yes’ to Caleb until the fourth time. There were three birth moms that didn’t choose us,” Angie said. “You start asking yourself questions during that time whether or not if it’s even the Lord’s plan for us to be parents or if I’m even fit to be a mom and why do these birth moms not think that I would be the right mom for their children.”

The couple said they credit their faith for helping them go through the adoption process and said “God’s timing was perfect.”

“Looking back at it, we know that God had these two perfect children picked out for our family and it all worked out. But seeing that, at the end of what you’re going through, is sometimes hard to see,” she said. “It’s the toughest thing we went through as a couple but it’s been the greatest thing we’ve ever been through.”

Bubba Watson said he is preparing for the Genesis Open in California beginning next week in California.

Bubba Watson said he is preparing for the Genesis Open in California beginning next week in California. (Jockey)

The family of four hope they can be a resource for others and view the Jockey campaign as a vehicle to do so.

“I love what Jockey is doing and using these athletes to offer support to the families that are going through it because if you haven’t been through it it’s really, really hard to get support from other people that haven’t gone through the same thing that you’ve gone through,” Angie said. “For us to be a resource and be available to some of these families that are unsure about moving forward with adoption or what to do after they’ve become adoptive parents, we’re really excited to help families move forward with that process and how to handle it and share our experiences with them and be a shoulder to lean on.”


Watson said he and his family had a lot of fun with the photoshoot – especially his son, who will soon turn 7.

“This photoshoot, all he wanted to do was wear boxers like his dad,” he told Fox News. “We put on white T-shirts and we had a blast with it and it was a fun experience for us.”

The pro-golfer is currently preparing for the PGA Tour’s Genesis Open in Pacific Palisades, California, which tees off Thursday.

“It’s fun going out there and being a three-time champion there. Now, I feel like it’s another home for me,” he said. “I always get excited going back and seeing all the old faces there.”

Provided by Fox News

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